Michelangelo Timeline

Michelangelo’s Biography

Michelangelo’s Three Best Figures: David, Moses, Pietà.

Michelangelo Stories

Michelangelo vs. Leonardo da Vinci

Michelangelo vs. Bernini

Michelangelo’s Character and Education

Michelangelo’s Carving Technique

Index of The Best Artists posts on Michelangelo’s Works

Michelangelo’s Duelling Biographers

Michelangelo Sources

6 Responses to MICHELANGELO

  1. jevontay cureton says:

    nice work man

  2. sondra says:

    I have the books on the great artist.It is call a library of their lives, time and painting book 5 and in the top right hand corner is a mihelangelo the previousedition os by purnell&sons limited. I just want to know if they are worse anything. michelangelo,rembrandt,winslow homer,renoir,picasso,van gogh, da vinci. I have 1 thur 7 books.

    sondra stafford

  3. Anonymous says:

    michelanjelo is Amazing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    do you get any profit from these articles? you should

  5. Anonymous says:

    Really interesting & enlightening

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