Velasquez’s Bacchus

The Drunks by Velazquez

A reproduction of this would go nicely on the wall of a bar. The flabby fellow with his shirt off, sitting on a wine-barrel, is Bacchus, the god of wine. He is crowning one of the faithful. Other drinkers raise their glass (or bowl) in a toast. This was long before photography but the boys look as though they were posing for the camera.

See also Velazquez in the Kitchen


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2 Responses to Velasquez’s Bacchus

  1. wrjones says:

    Maybe if they had a painting showing the headache to follow I would drink a little less.

  2. Ken Januski says:

    It is amazing how it looks like they’re hamming it up for the camera isn’t it? A splendid Velazquez.

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