Van Gogh

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

Van Gogh’s Other Chair

5 Responses to Van Gogh

  1. john hunter says:

    I love it

  2. ariyanthearchitect says:

    i prefer Leonardo’s. It’s more appealing. Michelangelo was an insecure albeit gifted artist but his work was a bit ….predictable…always naked men…well mostly.

    • 100swallows says:

      Ariyanthearchitect: (I think you meant to put this comment in the post on Michelangelo and Leonardo, right?) De gustibus non disputandum. But it seems to me that concepts like “gifted” and “insecure”, which might be used to talk about the average artist, are no good for describing the prodigious Michelangelo and his angel/devil.

  3. Chris says:

    Van Gogh perhaps one of my artist heroes , it is always worth exploring beyond the sunflowers lovely though it is!

    • 100swallows says:

      Chris: I agree. He’s one of my favorite painters too and, like you, he kept turning out the great paintings. Most people only know the sunflowers, the chair, and the starry night but there’s a surprise and a painting lesson in hundreds of others. I’ll do a post on him yet.

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